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Remote support for classrooms, better services for faculty, smarter inventory

I'm pleased to report that Hofstra's Media Engineering group has deployed Extron's Global Viewer product to enable remote support for all the University's technology-enhanced classrooms. When a faculty member calls the Faculty Support Center we will be able to see if their projector is on or off and turn it on or off for them, as well as select an input source. This will tremendously shorten the response time for such calls at the beginning of the semester when faculty are returning to the classroom. The system will notify us via SMS text and email if an AV controller freezes and needs a hard restart, and also when projector bulbs reach their end of life. We will also be able to collect data on when and how our technology classrooms are used, helping us to plan better for these resources as well as target new idea suggests for faculty who may want them.

I'm incredibly proud of Joshua Daubert and his staff, who suggested and then implemented this exciting project. I'm looking forward to all the great results this will bring. Thank you, gentlemen!

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